Thursday, April 9, 2009


My husband works 4 ten hour days during the week and has every Wednesday off. Yesterday he had a list of things he was "going" to do... Mow the lawn, finish the platform for the shed, put up the new solar-powered motion lights we got, meet with the exterminator about the tenting next weekend, and PLEASE go to the bank. Did he do anything? Nope. Except for meet with the exterminator, which he couldn't really get out of. And then made a point when I got home to tell me about his nap on the couch with our boy cat, Fred, sleeping on his chest. Really?! Really? Another week down without the list getting shorter.

So today's our anniversary. 4 years. They went by ridiculously fast. I'm trying to decide where I want him to take me for dinner... :-)

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