Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little about me

I am extremely easily entertained. In fact, just then I was extremely amused by the fact that I got to use three words that start with the letter "e" in a row... :-)

I am married. Our 4th Anniversary is a week from today.

I'm 28 years old.

I am the 5th of 7 children.

I work for Toyota and I really love working there. That being said, if I could choose not to work, I wouldn't.

I have green eyes.

I am left-handed.

I LOVE to read.

I am addicted to my DVR.

I can't stand to give up control of the remote.

I hate driving, but I LOVE my dark blue Touring model Prius.

I absolutely cannot decide what car to get next... Good thing I have until October to decide before I have to order it.

I don't like to cook. So I am really happy that my husband does.

I love crafts.

I love pictures... Taking them, looking at them... anything.

I love weekends. But who doesn't, right?

Umm... that's all for now.

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