Friday, April 17, 2009


Today I get to spend the remaining 90 minutes at work playing on my laptop. Our receptionist is out on vacation and we all get to take turns covering for her. Now, I have absolutely no problem doing this and actually would have done more shifts than the ones that I volunteered for, but my boss made me hold off on throwing myself on the grenade in order to force more people to step up and take a turn. Normally, covering the switchboard would entail sitting at the front desk and answering the phone. Today is not like that. They are preparing for our Spring Dealer Meeting and are filming something in our atrium today. Not a problem... Except for the fact that that is where the switchboard desk is. So they moved the phone to an empty manager's office. Not a problem.... Except for the fact that they didn't have the foresight to... I don't know.... Put a COMPUTER in here so that we could work! Oh well... I'm not one to complain about getting paid to goof off. But it would be nice to be able to have my work e-mail accessible while doing so... And I actually brought something down here that I need to work on. And I can't without access to a computer. A work computer. Still, I don't mind. I am more than willing to sit here and play Minesweeper and Spider Solitaire until 5....

This weekend is the big "Termite Tent Event" at our house. We have not really done anything to prepare. Tonight we will get to spend God only knows how long double-packing our food into the special bags that they gave us to protect it from the poison... Oh... And all the toiletries and spices and open bottles of ANYTHING. And everything in the fridge and freezer. Plus, Josh has yet to remove the two boards from the fence that have to be removed in order for the to put the tent on the house. So it's gonna be a busy night. I have already been making my usual lists of things that have to be done... Josh makes fun of me for making my lists, but then I get to laugh at him when he forgets things. :-) I can't help it.

So tonight we pack, tomorrow we catch the kitties and cart them off to the Petsmart Petshotel for their first-ever stay away from home. I know that they have to go there - it's not like they can stay in the house with the poison... I don't think they would let us put tiny gas masks on them even if we were able to find them... And I know that my friend said we could bring them with us to her house, but I'm just afraid that they would pee on something or ruin something... Or get out of the room were are going to be staying in and spread their allergy-inducing dander all around the house and her husband would not be happy. So off to boarding they go. And even though, logically, I know all this.... AND I know that they are going to be just fine... I still feel bad. They have never been away from their house (barring the one move from my apartment to the house) since I got them. Even when we would go on vacation, we would just leave them in the house and let them have the run of the place. Cats are so self-sufficient, it's great. My poor lovey little Fred. He won't have anyone's hair to bury his face in... Or his favorite spot in the world - Josh's stomach - to lay on. And my poor shy, neurotic little Emily. She is so scared of strangers to begin with. I am sure it's just going to be that much worse being in a strange place. Poor girl. It's going to wreak havoc on her already-nervous stomach. It makes me so sad. Nothing I can do about it......

We can return to the house on Sunday, but we are going to be at the Grand Prix, so we aren't sure if we would be back in time to pick them up by 6. We know for sure that we aren't going to be back in time to pick them up by noon, and I figured that since we were already going to be paying the "late pick-up" fee, we may as well just pay for one more night and get them Monday. Plus, that way I will have more time to spend with them to calm them down and get the house back in order.

So for now, I am going to lose myself in silly computer games until the clock strikes 5... And I will post this when I get home and have internet access. :-)

**Finally got a chance to get on the internet. Too busy last night with the bags... Blah. Now I am at my friends' house and am FINALLY set up on their wireless. Dropped the cats off this morning. Totally cried on the way there and while leaving. They were soooo sad. Poor babies. They just hid underneath one of the parts of the "room" (i.e. cage) they were in. Hopefully they will adjust all right....**

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