Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best. Story. Ever.

So today at work I was out in the field helping with something at one of the Dealerships and we were all talking while we were working... Well, I heard the best story ever from one of the guys...  He was home visiting family when his aunt told them a story about her friend...

Apparently her friend's son is mentally handicapped and one day he kept calling her at work over and over again really excited to tell her, "I caught a troll!!! I caught a troll!!!" 

So she finally gets home from work and he meets her at the door... "I caught a troll!!!!" 

She still doesn't know what to think until she hears a pounding sound coming from inside the house...

Apparently a census worker that happens to be a "little person" had stopped by the house earlier in the day....

And he "caught" him and trapped him in the bathroom.

All day.

He caught a troll.


  1. Holy cow! Can you say "law suit"?

  2. I dont know weather to laugh or feel bad! Im choosing laugh......

  3. Holy shit! That's hilarious!!

  4. OMG!!!! Hysterical!!! Poor person... hope all goes well for them...

  5. Upon further investigation I believe this story may turn out to have been an urban legend that yet another person was trying to pass off as true...... Too bad. It's still a great story!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. It is awesome... LOL!!!! even if it is totally untrue!!!!

    BTW new name Lady Hermione (no longer Mz Cat) & new blog address: http://ranthome.blogspot.com/

  8. That is funny!! Thanks for the laughter

  9. True or not true, it gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing. Now when I hear a census commercial, I will think of a troll being 'captured'. Love that.


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