Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lazy Sick Day...

After dealing with my neighbor at work coming in sick and coughing all over the place, my body has finally given in...  Whatever illness had been trying to catch me the past week or so has finally caught up.  I went home early from work yesterday... Stayed home today... I really don't have time for this, but who am I to be too upset about lounging on the couch watching movies?  It's actually kind of a good thing that I was home today because Josh called about an hour after he left for work because he forgot his laptop and needed me to bring it to him. Unfortunately that meant that I didn't get to sleep in as much as I would have liked...  But the rest of my day has been spent laying on the couch, playing my DS, and scanning through movies in the On Demand menu.

I already watched Julie and Julia and now I am getting into Meet Joe Black.  I may turn it off before the end though because the part when Anthony Hopkins is saying goodbye to his daughter makes me cry every time.... haha

Anywho...........  Laying back down now.....


  1. Glad you are taking some time to get better. Get well..

  2. And first I watched Temple Grandin... Julie and Julia was the only movie that I hadn't already seen before

  3. Aw. I'm sorry you're sickie-poo, sweetie. I hope you're on the mend after some serious rest.

    I have to check out that Temple Grandin movie...I met her years ago at an Autism conference.

  4. It seems like the movie was really well done... I like it


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