Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Photos...

Here's a bunch of my randomness through photos :-)

My boy, Fred, he lays in funny poses on the bed...  All day.

My girl, Emily... For once not being squished by Fred while laying on the bed... He seems to think that he has to lay RIGHT where she is...

Parachuter at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

My favorite store... Had to take a picture... We always watch the race from on top of the aquarium parking structure... Josh never brings the nice camera anymore, but I always have my free one :-)

More racing :-)

There weren't many crashes this year, but they have to bring the smashed up cars right under us...

We always stay for the drifting... Most of the cars weren't doing much around the corner we were watching, but this guy didn't disappoint...

My pretty, pretty car fresh and clean back from getting it's 5k service... My rims were so immaculate, I could have licked them... But I didn't. ;-) haha
 This button taunts me...  It's my Safety Connect button - it's like the Toyota/Lexus version of OnStar... I got to push it once when I first got the car in order to make sure it was set up properly... I spoke with Dylan.  I want to push it again!

 Some of my favorite things in my favorite car... My gorgeous beloved Lola Harvey's Seatbelt Bag, my new dark blue Coach sunglasses (Josh teases me because they match my car - I swear I didn't do it on purpose...), and a diet coke (at least the top of the bottle...)

 It trips me out that my rear tires are wider than Josh's truck tires...  He laughs at me and says it's a normal thing for a sporty car to have really wide tires...  Even though I know he's right, it's still weird to me...

 Hidden happiness in my garage... I once told Josh that I would have dated him just because of his cars...  Now we just need to actually get the transmission back in the Mustang so that we can take it out for a spin... It's been WAY too long... And we need to get someone to figure out which stinking carburetor goes in the Vette...  We can't get a straight answer from anyone...  It drives, but it needs a new one...  And they both need to be washed REALLY badly...  So dusty right now.....

And finally.... (if I can get it to work...) A video showing what we were listening to all day at the Grand Prix... :-)

So there you have it....  My randomness through photos.......  Enjoy :-)


  1. I love randomness.... great stuff!!!!!!

  2. Randomness is usually the most interesting. Thanks! The cats didn't look like they enjoyed their pictures being taken, though. I love their expressions...sort of like, "oh, please, if you must then do it quickly...you bore me". LOL. Also--I love your purse! Awesome. Thanks again!

  3. Honey, this was FABULOUS! I loved every one of the photos....beautiful car, beautiful kitties, kick-ass car races (that whining would drive me crazy if I lived/worked near there!)

    And that on-star-type button would drive me crazy too! Thanks for showing me a peek into your world. It was fun!

  4. :-) I always have my camera with me and randomly decide I need to take pictures of everything... haha and the sound of the cars takes a lot out of you by the end of the day... Even with ear plugs in :-)


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