Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So Excited...

I get really excited over the little things....  Here is what I am excited about right now:

1. GLEE!!!!!!!!! FINALLY.  It has been way too long and I have been counting down the days until it would be back!!  I love this show so much.

2. Harvey's Seatbelt Bags having a booth at the Long Beach Grand Prix this weekend!  Even though the store is about 5 minutes from my friend's house, I am ridiculously excited...  Like so excited I could barely type the e-mail telling her that they were gonna be there...

3. Weddings - another round of my friends are at the "get married" stage now!  There are two weddings this month and one in June.  The two weddings this month are kind of crazy because two of our friends that do not know each other are getting married at the exact same place two weeks apart... So weird!

4. The Long Beach Grand Prix - we go every year... And I am usually lucky enough to score two extra tickets for my best friend and her husband. (I still don't have the two extras in my hands, which makes me nervous, but I am promised that I will have them...)  We watch it from on top of the Aquarium Parking structure instead of in the Grand Stand.  But this year, my friend and I will be hiking over to the other end of the place to see the Harvey's display at some point!

That's it for now :-)

Hopefully this week goes quickly so that I can get to the fun stuff!


  1. Sounds so wonderful!!!! Yes let the fun stuff begin!!!

  2. Did you say Hi to Joe and not me last night?! I wish I knew it was you!! Thank you-all this time we didn't know it was you that had told Jeff+Kim about our little photography giveaway. You are awesome! We hope to see you today...and this time say hi to me :)

  3. GLEE! Wasn't it fabulous? I'm so glad it's back...I always record it so I can rewind and re-watch certain parts. This one, I listened to Lionel Richie's "Hello" duet twice...it was so beautiful!

  4. Glee was definitely awesome.... And Kathrina - I saw Joe at the Grand Prix and was trying to spot where he went so that I could say hi to you too, but I lost him! haha I'm sure there will be some other time that our paths will cross!!


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