Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Odd Conversation

So we’re having our roof redone (yay!!) and we went with our contractor, G, last night to pick up all of the supplies at Home Depot. I was lucky enough to be able to take home the huge stake bed truck from my office to help be able to get everything home... I let J know – he let G know. This conversation (approximately... I didn’t record it or anything, but this is how I remember it...) took place on our way to grab a quick bite and head to get everything....

(Side note: Everything in this conversation was said completely seriously...)

J: It’s a good thing I double-checked the text about the truck that I was sending to G! I accidentally used the wrong kind of stake.

Me: That’s awesome! I kept double-checking every time I typed it today to make sure I didn’t call it the steak bed.

J: Mmmm... Steak Bed

Me: Of course that takes you to wanting a bed made of meat...

J: Well, yeah... Who doesn’t like steak?

Me: It’d be really messy. But probably pretty tender...

J: Well, yeah, if you tenderize it. And it would have to be cooked medium rare. Don’t want it to be too hard...

Me: Oh, I was thinking raw...

J: Yeah, that would be tender.

Me: But it would be really sticky... And messy.

J: And it would totally stink.

Me: (Indignant) Oh, like a COOKED meat bed wouldn’t stink??

J: Well, yeah, after a while... But until then think of the lovely dreams you would have while laying on the delicious smell of perfectly cooked steak...

Pause as the realization sets in that we have just had an entire conversation about having a bed made of steak.........

Me: I can guarantee no one has ever had this conversation before.

We’re a little on the odd side.....


  1. I really truly needed a good laugh today and I just had it! Thanks!!!

  2. Sounds totally like someting that we would do in our house. I totally agree normal is boring!

    I'm stopping by from SITS to say hi,

  3. That's for stopping by :-) I need to remember to post more of our ridiculous conversations before forgetting them completely.... haha

  4. Too funny. Nothing is "normal" around my house, so I could see this (or something way worse) being said.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. Ha ha! Sounds like us, too. ;)

    Visiting from SITs...

  6. Ha! That's a lovely and funny conversation!
    I can say this because it sounds like the kind of conversation my husband and I would have. I wish I were joking.

    (Stopping by from SITS!)

  7. Stopping in from SITS! Hilarious conversation!

  8. Hilarious! I love the fact that you two are on the same page, though...even if it's a bizarre conversation!

    If anyone overheard you....!

  9. Hahaha!! Thanks for all the comments! I feel better about our weirdness after hearing other people say that it could have been a conversation they had! hahahaha :-)


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