Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

Welcome to another Ten On Tuesday – hosted over at A Grande Life.  And here we go.....

1. I had jury duty yesterday. Long, tedious, and boring are good words to describe it. Fortunately, I wasn’t called to go into a court room. Unfortunately, that meant sitting in the juror waiting room for HOURS... Fortunately again, that meant I got a lot of reading done... Approximately 300 pages of reading, actually....

2. I have shingles on my roof! I am extremely excited about this. The first shingles were up yesterday and they made sure to put them on the side of the roof that I can see when I’m driving down the street when I get home. I may or may not have squealed really loudly and clapped my hands like a dork while still driving.....................

3. As much as home improvements suck – the dust, the cost, the fear that there will be freak rain storms flooding your house while you have no roof other than the plywood..... I am so excited to finally have the roof done! And next come WINDOWS!!!!!! I cannot wait!!

4. J was finally forced to chop up the tree in the backyard after it chopped itself down. We don’t know where this tree came from, we didn’t want it, and J had been saying that he would chop it down. Well, the other morning I was taking the trash out and saw that it had fallen over. All by itself!! So all he had to do was chop it apart. Now no more crappy weirdo tree! Now we can get the avocado and plum trees we want...

5. I never went to see the newest Twilight movie, so I am going to try to get to the $1 theater by my office to see it before it’s gone from the theaters completely...

6. The cell phone that we want is FINALLY being released for Verizon!! We are going to try to go pre-order them tonight!! (I may or may not have just squealed quietly and clapped my hands like a dork while sitting here at my desk....)

7. There are some big things that could be happening for J at work in the next six months or so!! I’m very excited! And it helps tame my green-eyed monster that reared its head when a friend that works with him just got a promotion...

8. I had to go run an errand for my boss this afternoon and really enjoyed flying down the road with my sunroof open and blasting Pink over the speakers... “So what? I’m still a rock star!”

9. I can’t wait for the new season of Dexter... It’s going to be weird to have to wait for episodes when I’m used to the dvd’s where I can watch mass quantities in a crazy marathon....

10. One of the normal people in my office is leaving. As she said herself, it’s bittersweet... She will definitely be missed, but she’s gonna rock at what she has coming. I wish I could be brave enough to make the changes she has and to dive in the deep end with them. Good luck, Es. You’re going to be awesome no matter what you do. Don’t forget us down here... Gonna miss working with ya, lady friend.

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  1. You made me laugh about the squealing & clapping, that is so me!

    My son worked for a nursery temporarily this summer & got first choice at trees on clearance. We got 4 amazing trees, about $400 worth for less than $100!

    I'm just dropping in from SITS to say howdy & I think I'll follow you now.


  2. i just started my Ten on Tuesday blogging yesterday. I found you through SITS though! Small world. Enjoyed reading and love your background!!

  3. Stopping by from SITS...

    A roof is good. Getting rid of the mystery,also good.
    Driving around with the sunroof open and Pink blasting... BONUS!!!

    Have a great weekend... it starts here as soon as the hurricane leaves!


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