Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

I decided to participate in Ten On Tuesday over at A Grande Life.  Since I love lists (see # 10), this is right up my alley..... :-)

1. Our roof is being redone! FINALLY!! Our contractor is starting work today... I’m so excited. We’ve needed to get this done for a while now. J kept saying that he would do it because it would be so much cheaper, but he’s been saying that for about 5 years now... It’s not gonna be cheap, but we know the guy does really good work. And it will actually GET DONE! The only thing that has shocked me in all this is how much it costs to have Waste Management drop off a freaking dumpster! It’s ridiculous!!

2. After a lapse in my working out, I am not only back on track – I am now down a total of 18 pounds! Yay me!! Now I just need to stay on it... My weight will not rule my life forever!!!!!

3. I have decided to get an e-reader. Now I just have to make the decision of which one. It is down to the Kindle or the Sony. I know people that have both and everyone loves the one they have. The Sony is far more aesthetically (sweet! Spelled that right first try! Haha) pleasing. Plus it comes in red!!!!! BUT.... The Kindle has AMAZON behind it. How do you compete with that?? Plus the new one isn’t too bad... It actually looks kind of nice in the grey color... I’m so torn.

4. I think having my IS250 has made me a little snobby... We need to borrow a stake bed truck from my office (think gardener truck – but nicer) in order to help get all the stuff for the roof home from Home Depot... And I really don’t want to drive it................ Even just the 10 miles from work to home and back in the morning... I can’t help it.

5. I am dying for Glee, House, Bones, Dexter... All my fall favorites to come back... But I will be sad to see my summer shows go... I will miss True Blood.

6. I am being extremely well-behaved in my goal to read all the books I already have in a pile waiting to be read before I buy anymore... If I get my e-reader, that may go out the window... Or I may be disciplined enough to work on filling up the e-reader to get it ready for when I finish the stack...

7. It is so cold in my office right now that my nail beds look a little purple. Crazy! Time to turn on my heater I have hidden under my desk. I swear, the hotter it is outside, the colder it is in here!

8. This is the longest I have ever been able to keep my natural nails long and pretty... (Knock on wood - gently... Don't want to break a nail!) I was a serial nail-biter my whole life. Figured it was time to grow up... It still trips me out to have nails.

9. I need a week off. It’s been too long since I took more than a day off from work. (Other than the weekend – that doesn’t count...) I’m thinking that taking a mental health vacation sounds pretty freaking lovely right now.

10. I have lists everywhere... Stuff I need at the grocery store, books I want, To-Do Lists, funny websites... Post-its litter my life at work and home... :-)  I never remember things, so I have to write everything down...

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