Monday, August 9, 2010

Picture Time

It's been a while since I pulled the pictures off of my digital camera, but I finally remembered to do it... So here you go :-)

This was my birthday dessert that they brought me at Gemmel's when we went there for my birthday... Like I said, I didn't think about the fact that I had my camera until after we destroyed it... It was so pretty - that little tower of sugar cubes in the background was on fire... It would have been a really cool picture... Oh well...

This was the final product of the supreme cakewreck that was our friends' wedding cake...

This past Saturday was a great food day... We went up to meet with family at my brother's place up in LA.  It was nice to see two of my sisters, a bunch of my nieces and nephews, and hang out with my brother and his wife and kids.  We all went to have lunch at Pink's.  I love their nacho cheese chili dogs. YUM.

Part of the crazy Pink's menu... Seriously - YUM.

One of my nephews and my brother waiting in line with us...  My baby sister is the one just over my brother's shoulder in the grayish blue shirt...

This is She-she (Shakira), their landlady's dog.  She hangs out at their house.  My sister-from-another-mister (sister-in-law) said that it's great - the fun of having a dog, but you get to send it home... :-)  She has a serious underbite and it cracks me up... haha  She's a really sweet dog.
When we left, we HAD TO stop at our favorite donut shop seeing as how we were in the area...  DK's is a chain, but this one is unique.  No other location has the donuts that this one has.  They are absolutely incredible.  I was only slightly crushed by the fact that they were all out of my favorite vanilla buttercream donut at the moment... The chocolate buttercream is good, but it's just not that same.......

My office does a backpack drive every year for a local charity.  I did a boy one and a girl one.  I absolutely loved the binder that I got for the girl one... I love butterflies...  And as if doing something good wasn't enough incentive - I now get to wear jeans for the rest of the month just for doing something I do every year anyway...  And I love me some jeans days at work... :-)

And last, but definitely not least.... Say hello to my lil friend!!!
My new RED Lola baguette!!! I absolutely 100% heart Harvey's Seatbelt Bags.  No surprise there... I've talked about it a few times... Yeah... haha  It's definitely an obsession. You can see her big sister behind her on the left......  LOOOOLA! La la la-la Lo-o-la! 

So... yeah... There you go. Oh! And apparently there is definitely nothing broken in my hand.  It still hurts a bit, but it seems to be getting better. It doesn't hurt to type anymore, which is awesome...

And... I'm going camping this weekend!! Pismo, here we come!


  1. Excellent photos! Isn't it funny how we forget to unload all our pictures from our cells? It's like a surprise all over again when we finally look.

    Well, Happy Belated-Birthday....and now I've got a hankering for donuts...

  2. Loving the photos... I am not a purse person, but I do like the Seatbelt bags... perhaps a new obsession, of course when I get some serious cash.... Love the cake... look good... Hope you enjoyed camping... Happy Later Birthday!!

  3. Thanks! I definitely need to be better about pulling the pictures off of my camera... Especially since I plan on taking bunches of pictures while we are camping this weekend :-)

  4. Oh my goodness, you totally need to turn that cake into Cake Wrecks! Loved all the pics, and your captions, too!

  5. Hey sweetie!
    I've stopped back to let you know that you've WON the book giveaway at my place!

    You'll have to email me your name & address so I can send the book's hardcover and autographed! The best part is that the author commented on that post today!


  6. Holy CRAP!! I actually won something!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

  7. I love food and you made me remember that I have yet to eat today! lol..That cake was..HEHE I hope they didn't make you pay for it. lol. Oh Sorry

    Please follow my blog back and join in my comment exchange program.

    Maybe your followers and friends could join in to. Thanks much!

    p.S. Have fun camping I have not been in years!

  8. Wow, all those foods and cakes. My tummy is telling me that it is time to eat. Great blog, thanks for finding mine.

  9. I went to Pinks when I was in California. The hot dogs were great. Stopping from SITS!

  10. I love your blog! I'll definitely be stopping back. Found you through Autumn. Also, I love the Keep Strong and Carry On. I have a necklace with that from

  11. That bday cake looks divine! And nacho cheese chili dogs? I may need to get me one of those soon. Stopping by from SITS. Have fun in Pismo. : )


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